Present (establishing Zion)

For many people, modern society can seem complex, confusing, and challenging. Media reports rising anxiety, depression, and mental illness. Ignorance, poverty, and disease afflict millions of people around the world.

The Rational Restoration examines the ways in which God offers a life-affirming path through the maze of modern life.


Restoration includes uniting people in a worldwide community of devotion, love, and service, bearing one another's burdens to make them light and rejoicing together in the light of God's love

Life Skills

Restoration includes enhancing life skills and improving self-reliance, including acquiring education, developing skills, managing businesses and family finances, and enhancing emotional resilience to handle life's challenges


Restoration includes faith in Jesus Christ, which unites people through aspirations, ideals, and love for one another. Faith is demonstrated and shared through actions, including ordinances, service, and spirituality.